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All rights reserved. Surfer - Main Image banner-Surfer. Home Surfer Overview.A notable landmark was Jast 's Tenshitachi no gogoa precursor to the modern dating simulation.

Prior togirls were generally drawn either as normally proportioned adults or super deformed children. Some games involved elements of force and brutality. These came to national attention in Japan in with the release by dB-soft ofa game where the player takes the role of a rapist.

The game's title originates from the number of the Japanese law criminalizing rape. The game caused debate in the Japanese parliament and was eventually recalled and re-released with the most controversial scenes removed. The industry gradually moved away from proprietary Japanese hardware to the burgeoning DOS platform, and then later in the decade to Windows.

Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques

In serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki was arrested and was revealed to be a consumer of lolicon mangacausing widespread opposition to pornographic manga, otaku and anything similar. Several prefectures began classifying games as obscene and pulling them off the shelves.

This organization tamed down the most objectionable content in the "wild west" of the s. While the title was another eroge title targeted at males for its sexual content, the players began to identify with the protagonist and the idea overcoming "the emotional trials and tribulations of pure love.

3D computer graphics

Tokimeki Memorialthe first dating sim, featured good graphics, full voice acting, and a role-playing game -like gameplay system.

To be accessible to a more mainstream audience, it contained no erotic elements, seeking instead to create a "romantic" atmosphere.

However, it was unique in that it contained not only adventure-game elements but also a combat system borrowed from tactical combat games such as Tactics Ogre. Even though their gameplay involved little more than scrolling through text, they became hits largely due to the quality of their writing and characterization.

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Both were first released on the PC with erotic scenes, which were subsequently removed in their console ports. However, low sales make it likely that other companies will stick with the traditional 2D graphics. Today the industry has grown, with most publishers making releases for Windowsincluding download-only files.

Some of the least pornographic and most successful also branching off into the console market. Games ported to consoles usually have adult content removed.

A substantial part of the revenue of the industry comes from merchandising. Fans are often dedicated to particular characters within their favorite games, and are willing to pay premium prices for goods like postersfigurines and accessories representing them. The most well-known and commercial of these titles is Konami 's experiment Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side There have even appeared a small amount of erotic games that present man—man homosexual relations yaoi gameswhich take their bases from the parallel subculture of yaoi anime and manga.

There are still some basic formulas that define the genre. The background images are often reused for various scenes and text descriptors are used to help distinguish differences in the surrounding. The games' range of sound effects are also used to represent the avatar's eardrums.

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The basic storylines for these games center around a male protagonist whom the player controls, who interacts with various characters, notably females.

These choices eventually lead to various good or bad endings with or without for some bad endings one or more female characters. Beating these games does not mean just getting various good endings, but also in some cases bad endings, as the goal is to unlock all of the bonus content. This makes getting the same ending twice and not unlocking any new content the way to lose such games. In some cases, images of girls are used as prizes for skilled play, as is the case in strip Mahjong. This type of game resembles role-playing or adventure games.

Many are very linear and are essentially interactive romance novels for men sometimes called visual novels. The main advantage of 3D models in this context is smoother and more realistic animation, although this is usually discarded by the unpolished look of the 3D characters, in addition to the additional cost of production for this type of work.

Two particularly common settings exist: Japanese secondary schools and medieval-atmosphered, pseudo-European fantasy lands. In secondary education settings, characters wear idealized Japanese school uniforms ; whereas fantasy setting outfits range from witch robes to princess dresses, and fantastic creatures like fairies and catgirls may be found as well.

When the game takes place in some other setting, it tends to explore other fashion possibilities. For example, the game Pia Carrot is located in a restaurant, in which the girls wear elaborate waitress uniforms.Widowhood has been increasingly encountered because of increasing longevity of women, often characterized by social stigmatization and poor physical and mental health.

However, applied research to overcome its adversity has been quite limited. The goal of this study is to explore the role of physical activity in improving the health of widows. A cohort ofadults in Taiwan who successively participated in a comprehensive medical screening program starting inincludingwomen, was followed up for mortality until Each individual provided detailed health history, and extensive lab tests results.

The number of widows increased with time trend. Widows were less active, more obese, and smoked and drank more, had sleep problems, were more depressed with taking sedatives or psychoactive drugs, leading to more suicides.

In the global development of health policies by World Health Organization WHOphysical activity is one of the main factors to reverse poor health. The poor health of inactive widow was mitigated when becoming fully active in this study.

More importantly, becoming physically active energized their mental status, improved sleep quality and quantity, reduced depressions and the need for psychoactive drugs, and increased socialization circles. Widows, a rapidly growing and socially stigmatized group, suffered from social and financial inequality and tended to develop poorer health.

Sustained physical activity could be one of the ways for them to overcome and reverse some of the physical and mental adversities of widowhood, and improve their quality and quantity of life. Widowhood is a dreaded word for all married couples, particularly for the newlyweds, but the reality is that 1 in 2 women above age 65 and 1 in 10 at all ages is expected to become a widow sooner or later, lasting for more than 10 years see eTable 1 and eTable 2 Supplemental Content, which illustrates the distribution of widows by age in Taiwan see eFigure 1 Supplemental Content, which illustrates Taiwan life expectancy gap and first marriage gap between male and female.

In Taiwan, the number of widows far outnumbered widowers by up to 6 to 1, with the gender gap increasing with age. This is a large disadvantaged and stigmatized group in society, and yet their health and welfare have been largely overlooked. Many widows suffered financial and social loss and changed their lifestyles after bereavement.

The downward change in socioeconomic status, the reduction in income and social circles and the limited support available from the society, the dynamic of which was often overlooked, led to poorer health. As a result, widows accelerated decline in physical and mental health. Reports showed increased mortality of widows from all-cause, [ 7 8 9 10 11 ] cancer,[ 12 13 ] cardiovascular,[ 14 15 ] respiratory diseases, [16] and others.

Few women are prepared for the probability of living as a widow for an average of 10 years in Asian countries.Best infographics about infographics Explore a world or genre Illustrate a list Give instructions Make comparisons Explain a process Report key findings Present a timeline Simplify complex data How-to guides. The best infographics can take dry data, complex information or a confusing timeline, and make them clear as crystal. It's almost the perfect encapsulation of what good design, illustration and animation are about: communicating a story or an idea visually, in a way that instantly connects with people, in a way that a lot of raw text can never do.

If you're looking to create infographics yourself, then you'll probably find these visualisation tools very handy. But before you get started, check out our selection of the best infographics on the web today, to get inspiration, ideas and motivation to do even better yourself.

We've divided these into categories, and included links to make it easier for you to jump from section to section. If you want to see each infographic in detail, then just click on the image in the post and you'll be taken to the full infographic some of these may appear quite small in your browser, but just click inside them or use your browser zoom controls, and they'll soon open up to the full width of your window.

Okay, ready to get meta? We'll start with a section of infographics that explain everything you need to know about The clever use of Lego made it certain that we'd include this on our list of best infographics. It was created by Hot Butter Studio 's Beth Kanter, a visual marketer who used it in her blogand it explains how enforcing visual order upon data can help you and your audience to draw conclusions and use them constructively. Why do the best infographics become so popular?

This interactive infographic by NeoMam Studios explores exactly what it is about them that hits the spot. This infographic from InfoBrandz explains how to make the best infographics around.

statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of gallo

If you're interested in the form but you're not sure what you'd like you'd like your infographic to be about, this will get you started with some ideas for themes. It also explores what topics infographics work well for. This infographic from artist Ivan Cash unpicks the trend for data visualisation and explores the stats surrounding the best infographics. It explans what fonts are popular, how many sections are typically included, what themes tend to crop up, and more. What effect does your font choice have on your audience, psychologically?

What better way to explore a world than by exploring our own world, and this is one of the best infographics to do so. Created by Juan Martinezit defines each geological era of planet Earth, the changing shape of the land continents, and includes timelines, life milestones and mass extinction events. Dyslexic Artist Meng Chih Chiang created this data visualisation graph, which explores her own world of language. The fascinatingly complex infographic expresses the curve of her personal learning experience as she encounters language in her day-to-day life.

Illustrator Sam Gilbey has produced some of the best pop-culture infographics over the years. And we particularly loved this design, commissioned by Virgin to mark the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who back in There have been a number of new Doctors since, of course, including ones sneakily retro-engineered by the writers into the show's existing canon.

But for anyone new to Who, it gives a good overview of the first five decades of the show; and for die-hard fans, it's a lovely look back at an era when Doctor Who continuity was relatively straightforward. Design studio Dorothy has carved some of the best infographics in poster form.A picture is worth a thousand words; when presenting and interpreting data this basic idea also applies. There has been, indeed, a growing shift in data analysis toward more visual approaches to both interpretation and dissemination of numerical analysis.

Part of the new data revolution consists in the mixing of ideas from visualisation of statistical analysis and visual design. Indeed data visualisation is one of the most interesting areas of development in the field. Good graphics not only help researchers to make their data easier to understand by the general public. They are also a useful way for understanding the data ourselves.

In many ways it is very often a more intuitive way to understand patterns in our data than trying to look at numerical results presented in a tabular form. Recent research has revealed that papers which have good graphics are perceived as overall more clear and more interesting, and their authors perceived as smarter see this presentation.

The preparation for this session includes many great resources on visualising quantitative information, and if you have not had time to go through them, we recommend that you take some time to do so.

As with other aspects of R, there are a number of core functions that can be used to produced graphics. However these offer limited possibilities for building graphs. The package we will be using throughout this tutorial is ggplot2.

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The aim of ggplot2 is to implement the grammar of graphics. The ggplot2 package has excellent online documentation and is becoming an industry standard in some sectors.

Here for example you can read about how the BBC uses as part of their News service. The grammar of graphics upon which this package is based on defines various components of a graphic. Some of the most important are:. This is what gets drawn. And you can have various different types layered over each other in the same visualisation. Essentially the philosophy behind this is that all graphics are made up of layers. The package ggplot2 is based on the grammar of graphics, the idea that you can build every graph from the same few components: a data set, a set of geoms—visual marks that represent data points, and a coordinate system.

Take this example all taken from Wickham, H. A layered grammar of graphics. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 19 1 You then want to plot this.

To do so, you want to create a plot that combines the following layers:. First you need to read the data. We keep this data in a website and you can download it with the following code:.You may not think you've got much in common with an investigative journalist or an academic medical researcher. But if you're trying to extract useful information from an ever-increasing inflow of data, you'll likely find visualization useful -- whether it's to show patterns or trends with graphics instead of mountains of numbers, or to try to explain complex issues to a nontechnical audience.

There are many tools around to help turn data into graphics, but they can carry hefty price tags. The cost can make sense for professionals whose primary job is to find meaning in mountains of information, but you might not be able to justify such an expense if you or your users only need a graphics application from time to time, or if your budget for new tools is somewhat limited.

If one of the higher-priced options is out of your reach, there are a surprising number of highly robust tools for data visualization and analysis that are available at no charge.

They range from easy enough for a beginner i. But they all share one important characteristic: They're free. Your main investment: time. Before you can analyze and visualize data, it often needs to be cleaned. What does that mean? Perhaps some entries list "New York City" while others say "New York, NY" and you need to standardize them before you can see patterns.

There might be some records with misspellings or numerical data-entry errors. Click on a row or column, and DataWrangler will suggest changes. For example, if you click on a blank row, several suggestions pop up such as "delete row" or "delete empty rows. The team behind Data Wrangler later went to work on the Trifacta commercial product, although the service can still be used as is at the URL above.

Trifacta is desktop software. For example, when I selected "Alabama" in one row of sample data headlined "Reported crime in Alabama" and then selected "Alaska" in the next group of data, it led to a suggestion to extract every state name. Hover your mouse over a suggestion, and you can see affected rows highlighted in red. And not all suggestions are useful "promote row to header" seemed an odd suggestion when the row was blank or easy to understand "fold split 1 using 2 as key".

Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider. Check out the latest Insider stories here. More from the IDG Network. Great R packages for data import, wrangling and visualization. Get to know the Premier Class of Apple iWork vs.Alphonse de Lamartine said: "Pau has the world's most beautiful view of the earth just as Naples has the most beautiful view of the sea.

The site has been occupied since at least the Gallo-Roman era. The city takes its name from the stockade pau in Bearnese which surrounded the original castle. The town and its castle took on a new dimension, becoming the seat of the Kings of Navarreafter the capture of Pamplona by the Kingdom of Castile in Pau became a leading political and intellectual centre under the reign of Henry d'Albret and his wife Marguerite.

Pau's most distinguished son was Henry of Bourbon, born on 13 December in his grandparents' castle. He acceded to the throne of France in under the title of Henry IV. The image of the city has since then been widely associated with that of this monarch, made famous by his willingness to put an end to the seemingly endless Wars of Religion.

It was during the 18th century that Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte who was born in Pau became Marshal of the Empire and King of Swedentoday still the ruling dynasty of Sweden and also of Norway when that country was under the Swedish monarchy. Pau turned widely with the construction of many villas and mansions to accommodate these wintering rich people, the city also developed all elements of modernity for their comfort: baths, funicular and railway station.

It was at this time that Pau became one of the world capitals of the nascent aerospace industry under the influence of the Wright brotherscrowned heads [note 3] then pressed there to observe the flight of the first flying school in the world. With the decline of tourism during the 20th century, the Pau economy and its suburbs gradually shifted towards the aviation industry and then to that of petrochemicals with the major discovery of the Lacq gas field in An administrative capital, it boasts a dense economic fabric including service activities.

Pau's heritage extends over several centuries, its diversity and its quality allowed it to obtain the label of City of Art and History in The name of its people is Palois in French, and paulin in Occitan. The motto of Pau is in Latin : Urbis palladium et gentis "protective of the city and its people".

Access to the crossings partly accounts for Pau's strategic importance. The A64 autoroute goes to the east. The city is connected to the Spain through the Somport tunnel and the Col du Pourtalet.

How to spot a misleading graph - Lea Gaslowitz

Gave is the name given to a torrent in the Pyrenees. The crossing was used for pasturage for sheep in the high meadows. The Lau Creek that feeds the Canal du Moulin, meanwhile is also present in the municipality.

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Pau features wet mild winters, with warm, mild summers that are drier. Its geographical location, not far from the Pyrenees, gives the city a contrasting, warm oceanic climate. Snow falls about 15 days per year 0. As soon as the wind stops, snow can fall. Fog is infrequent and does not persist much beyond noon. The lack of wind especially characterizes the climate of the Pau region.

statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of gallo

Strong winds are very rare, in general, winds are very low or zero. This climate has helped Pau to become, at the end of the 19th century, a winter resort spot popular with the English, Russian and Brazilian bourgeoisie. This mild and rather wet climate, is also an enhancement to the gardens, parks and public spaces of the city, and for plants from more exotic regions such as Chinese windmill palm Trachycarpus fortuneioriginating in the Chinese mountains, but also for giant sequoias Sequoiadendron giganteum and laurel magnolia Magnolia grandiflora of American origin.

The origin of the name is uncertain. One tradition suggests it is a derivation of pal fr. Another is that the name refers to a ford across the river administered by the church, the pious. The name of the town was recorded in the 12th century.

statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of gallo

The inhabitants of the city are known as paulins in Occitan, and palois in French. Their motto is Urbis palladium et gentis.

Before the 10th century, there are no traces of occupation of the site on which the city is now built.

statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of gallo