I played the game last year and as someone who often reads the manga and has started working through the anime this is certainly one of my more anticipated titles. There is a huge collection of extra characters who only appear on the stages and half the fun of the game will be discovering how to make them appear.

jojo eyes of heaven dlc

One Piece Pirate Warrior Fairy Tail Story Overvie Star Platinum Old Joseph Joestar. Hermit Purple Mohammed Avdol. Hierophant Green Jean Pierre Polnareff. The Fool Hol Horse. Geb Mariah. Bastet Pet Shop. Horus Vanilla Ice.

Cream Dio. Josuke Higashikata. Crazy Diamond Kochi Hirose. Love Deluxe Okuyashu Nijimura. The Hand Rohan Kishibe. Killer Queen with bomb no. Killer Queen With bomb no. Aerosmith Bruno Buccellati. Stone Free Ermes Costello. Kiss Weather Report. Enrico Pucci. Whitesnake Narciso Anasui.The dead woman is revealed to have been on a certain train several days earlier. On said train, Dr. Baoh and Sumire subsequently escape the train, Kasuminome worried that he might have unleashed a terrible weapon.

Fearful, Kasuminome immediately calls for an assassin to kill Baoh. Later, the boy and Sumire try to bond with each other, but a knife wielding assassin named N. The assassin reports his failure, and is ordered to gather more of his comrades to finish off Baoh before his power fully awakens. Later, a death squad is already searching for Ikuro and Surime, who are busy betting on horse races to acquire money.

Meanwhile, Kasuminome explains to his sponsors how deadly the Baoh, a parasite granting supernatural strength and several other abilties to even the weakest organisms the longer it stays inside of them. To demonstrate its potential, he pits a little Baoh dog against a tiger, a battle which Baoh wins. If Ikuro were to fully develop into a Baoh, he would wreck havoc upon the world and turn everything into a Baoh. Meanwhile, Ikuro and Sumire have settled inside an abandoned building, Ikuro sensing that something inside of him is changing.

The death squad attacks the duo, but Ikuro transforms again into Baoh, decimating the squad. Unbeknownst to him, he is observed by another assassin. Baoh senses the assassin, who reveals himself as a beastmaster commanding a heavily modfied giant mandrill named Martin. Due to its strength and many weapons hidden inside his body, Martin is more than a match for Baoh. Sumire, having sensed that Ikuro's humanity is still intact inside of Baoh, tries to stop the assassin from controlling Martin, only to be hurt.

Enraged, Baoh finally overpowers Martin and kills both the beast and his master, healing and turning back into Ikuro.

Walking through the mountains, Ikuro explains to Surime that after a deadly car collision, Ikuro and his parents were heavily injured and taken to the hospital six months ago. Unfortunately, the doctor was linked to Doress, looking for guinea pigs at the time.

Kasuminome callously killed Ikuro's parents under his eyes and took him away to inject the Baoh parasite inside of him. Back to the present, an old couple living in the area gives Ikuro and Sumire shelter and food. But during a moment the old man is isolated, another cyborg assassin emerges, hypnotizing the old man into waiting for midnight and shoot Ikuro in the head with his hunting rifle.So often, games and DLC are released with small bugs and issues, which cause some games to crash and freeze.

A lot of the time, this can be down to simple issues with your own console or its compatibility with the game. Sometimes, however, they are common issues and bugs which many other gamers are also experiencing. This guide is simply designed to help fix common issues which arise with some games, we are happy to offer any help to those of you who might be experiencing issues.

So, if any of the below issues relate to you, feel free to comment below and we shall see if others are experiencing the same problem and if anyone has a solution. You can try taking it to your local game store if they have a disc buffer which will hopefully buff the mark out.

If the game loads once it is installed it will not require the disc so much as you play. If the game does not require a Disc and it runs off a pre installed file which is located on a hard drive Example: The PS VITA then the fault may lie with a corrupt installation file.

To ensure that this is not the case be sure to try and re-install the game or re-download the game and try again. This will clear up any issues which are connected with a bad install. However some gamers have suggested that if you clear your system cache then it will allow you to load the save file. Also you can attempt to revert back to an earlier save file before your game was corrupted.

If you believe that the save file is not the case and it may be your hard-drive.

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There are various different factors which may cause you to experience lag while your gaming with your friends. You can contact your service provider and they will explain if they are experiencing any kind of faults on your line.

The game provides examples of:

Failing this if you are running a Wi-Fi connection you may want to try and use a wired connection using a high speed Ethernet cable. Even though you are online are you sure you are not behind a firewall?

Or maybe your console or computer is restricting you access to the server due to a safety lock. Another possibility is that your current version of the game is not up to date and is causing an issue. If this still does not work be sure to remove any firewall which may prevent you from connecting to the server. If the game was sealed and the code is saying that it is not valid then be sure to double check that you have entered the correct code.

If after checking it is still not working simply e-mail the customer support team for the game and they will be happy to help you. However you will need a picture of both the game and proof of purchase. If the code has already been redeemed and you are not able to get your extra content or online pass working then please be sure to check out our DLC Code Guides which will give you a variety of different solutions to fix the problem.

Problems with sound are very rarely the fault of the game disc and can be fixed in numerous ways. If the connections are okay then you can try and replace any wires which you may believe have become damaged. If you have replaced the wires and you are still unable to hear anything from the game then it may be a fault with the game disc.

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As long as it is still under warranty then the retailer will be happy to change the game for another copy.The narrative, over-seen by Hirohiko Araki, takes place immediately following the events of Stardust Crusaders. Jotaro Kujo and his allies, who had just defeated the evil vampire DIOare suddenly attacked by friends and enemies who have either disappeared or died along the way. It is then they are approached by a young Robert E. Speedwagonwho possesses a piece of the Saint's Corpse that allows him to travel through time and space as well as vanquish the evil influence possessing the others.

He leads Jotaro and his allies on a journey through time, space, and alternate universes, in order to stop another iteration of DIO and his disciple Father Enrico Pucci from obtaining the other pieces of the Saint's Corpse in DIO's quest to finally be free of the Joestar family and achieve his own personal heaven. Once all JoJos finish their tasks, they gather the Corpse Parts they have, but notice one is missing. Suddenly, the Joestars are all transported before a DIO with a powered-up The World stand dubbed The World Over Heaven who easily repels their attacks and uses his Corpse's part to draw all the others to him.

After they were transported, Funny Valentine appears to the group and reveals that DIO couldn't take Jotaro's Corpse Part because their Stands are still the same type, even after the former's evolution.

jojo eyes of heaven dlc

Elaborating further, he explains that when Johnny had captured him with his Infinite Rotation technique, he used D4C to escape to a parallel Earth of the original universe in which DIO was able to defeat Jotaro, evolve his Stand and rule the world.

After Valentine's unsuccessful attempt to bring DIO over to his reality to destroy Johnny, DIO decided to invade the main world so he could conquer it. After Valentine reveals DIO's plan to the group, they split up in order to reclaim the Saint Corpse Parts from DIO's underlings once more, retrieve the remaining allies still being manipulated, and find out the secret of DIO's evolved stand.

After accomplishing the first two goals but unable to figure out the secret behind DIO's stand, the JoJos and Speedwagon return to Egypt to confront DIO, who is defeated, but reveals that his real goal was to mark the turtle with The World Over Heaven, thus obtaining it and all of those inside it. Absorbing most of the Joestars and their allies souls, as well as the Saint Corpse Parts, DIO rewrites the universe to his own liking, but Jotaro and Jolyne manage to face him, only for DIO to overpower them both and take Jolyne's soul in the process, leaving Jotaro on his own.

Jotaro reveals that Star Platinum, being the same type of stand as The World Over Heaven, has attained Over Heaven as well just as it had attained The World's time stopping abilities before and stopped his erasure with it.

With the playing field leveled Jotaro remembers Valentine's warning of two iterations of the same person destroying each other upon contact. Using prime DIO's armlets, which fuses with his parallel counterpart and badly damages his hands, the source of The World Over Heaven, gaining the upper hand and destroying him in a manner much like in the main universe. In an after-credits scene, eleven years after the events of the game, Koichi Hirose encounters an older Jotaro arriving in Morioh along with a young Jolyne whom he decided to bring along, who asks him about the whereabouts of Josuke Higashikata.

Eyes of Heaven is designed to be a 3D action brawler with tag-team elements set in large arenas based on locations in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. Players may pick a single character to control in a large environment, as well as a second character that may be controlled by either a CPU or second human player to fight the enemy team for a 2v2 battle. The playstyle is similar to that of other known CyberConnect2's Shonen Jump game series, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series, such as the combo mechanisms and the air to air combos.

The game allows for online play through the PlayStation Network system. Like in All Star Battle characters are categorized by Battle Styles which change how each character plays in the game, as well as their different strengths and weaknesses.

For example, Vampires and the Mode-using Pillar Men heal from damage over time, except from Ripple-enhanced attacks; They can also be immobilized by ultraviolet lamps as part of Rudol von Stroheim's "The Prime Example of Superior German Science" style.


Also new in Eyes of Heaven is that characters that were previously classified in All Star Battle as having one Battle Style but displayed abilities of another are now classified as having two Battle Styles. For example, Old Joseph Joestar is now classed as both a Ripple User and a Stand User, while in the previous game he was only classified as a Stand User who happened to have Ripple attacks as well.

A demo of the game was revealed at the Jump Festa on December 20,and was made public on the Japanese PlayStation Store on January 29, The developer's official Twitter revealed on July 18,that the story mode for Eyes of Heaven would be personally handled by series creator Hirohiko Araki.

In addition, it was also announced that players who buy the first printing of the game would receive a limited-available code that allows them to play as Jotaro Kujo in his Part 4 incarnation unavailable for use in either the game's Story Mode or in a Tag Team match paired with his Part 3 counterpart.

Lastly, the game's release date of December 17, was revealed. The third trailer of Eyes of Heaven was revealed on September 20,during a special JoJo conference, along with several gameplay demonstrations streamed live.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved April 22, Geek Snack. Archived from the original on September 28, Retrieved September 12, Retrieved May 14, The game features 52 playable characters 53 with first print bonusranging from Phantom Blood to JoJolion. The game format is that of effective 2v2 matches between four characters, although either four players or two players and two CPUs will play. However, the game doesn't allow for local multiplayer but only online multiplayer in 1v1 or 2v2 matches.

Jotaro Kujo (Eyes of Heaven)

During a match, each team has to deplete the enemy team's health gauges first before the end of the round. To do so, the characters have access to either basic attacks A Normal Attack used to string basic combos and a Powerful Attack with combo-specific properties that can also be charged to perform an unblockable Takedown or special skills.

Each character usually has one skill they can occasionally perform that has notably more potent effects or damage compared to others, but also a greater cooldown. Certain skills have cooldown gauges that also serve to display secondary elements, such as how many times a skill can be used before being placed on cooldown, and the length of an effect or enhanced state.

If a character is hit from behind, it is registered as a Backstabincreasing the damage dealt to them. Similarly, if a character is interrupted with an attack while they themselves are attacking or in the middle of a combo, a Combo Breaker will occur and grant an amount of Dual Heat Gauge to the offender.

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Aside from evasion, Sidestepping can also be used to cancel out of attacks or certain skills in order to extend ground combos, or interrupt an unsafe maneuver. Other abilities available to all characters are a Flash Burst and Flash Cancels, which are signified by a purple light and two smaller green lights by the player character's portrait, respectively. When a Flash Burst or Cancel is used, there is a long cooldown before they can be used again. Moreover, the battle arena contains interactive items the characters can freely use for a number of goals.

Among the many stage objects are destructible red boxes containing temporary power-ups, such as attack and defense boosts, instantaneous cooldowns to all abilities, and even Dual Combo and DHA charges. Characters have three health gauges which are depleted in succession until the character is "Retired", and knocked out of the fight. Each time a health bar is depleted, the character is temporarily knocked down before being able to resume fighting, permanently preventing them from restoring health past that point as well as granting them temporary invincibility and therefore a chance to recover.

When a member of a team is Retired, their partner will be powered up to balance the number disadvantage under a Soul Succession also referred to as "Inherited Will" in some descriptions. Soul Successions grant the character in question an extra purple health bar that will slowly deplete over time, and incredible power-ups to movement speed, skill cooldown speed, and attack damage, as well as super armor when attacking.

All unused Dual Combo charges are unavailable for the rest of the match, while charges of Dual Heat Attacks are converted into Soul Succession charges. However, in rare scenarios where both fighters are defeated at the exact same time, no Soul Succession will occur and the match will end immediately. However, these have no effect on gameplay aside from altering the angles and distance opponents are sent when struck by a DHA.

Stats such as health and attack strength automatically grow upon a character leveling up, and require no points. Among these upgrades are reducing stamina consumption, reducing the cooldown on Flash Bursts and Flash Cancels, and increasing the effectiveness and duration of abilities beyond their normal limit.

Vampires and the Mode-using Pillar Men still recover damage over time, unless the damage was dealt by a Ripple-enhanced attack, and also they can be paralyzed by ultraviolet lamps made from Superior German Science.

For example, Old Joseph Joestar is now classed as both a Ripple User and a Stand User, while in the previous game he was only classified as a Stand User who happened to have Ripple-based abilities and attacks as well. The game features an original storyline supervised by Hirohiko Araki [3] and centers around a major timeline and universal interference within the JoJo universe affecting characters across all arcs, as well as the Saint's Corpse Parts.

Speedwagon at the airport shortly before Jean Pierre Polnareff returns to them, claiming to have been attacked on the plane before takeoff. The three subsequently encounter the thought-to-be-deceased Muhammad Avdol and Iggywho meet the group with hostility, claiming that they were sent by "him".

They flee the airport to avoid endangering civilians and, after a battle on the rooftops of Cairo, the two assailants are incapacitated. Immediately afterwards, Jotaro, Polnareff and Joseph are attacked by Noriaki Kakyoin and N'Doulwho were also thought to have been dead.

After they are both defeated, N'Doul manages to escape, but Speedwagon uses a part of the Saint's Corpse he obtained beforehand to heal Kakyoin. Speedwagon explains that the Saint's Corpse Part in his possession has led him through time in search of an unknown danger that is causing strange phenomena, like bringing people back from the dead; thus, supposedly slowly destroying the time-space continuum.

Speedwagon then enlists the Crusaders' help in gathering the remaining eight parts of the Saint's Corpse, just as the one in his possession resonates, indicating another part nearby. The part is found and kept by Jotaro, and Speedwagon guides the heroes through a "light rift", a dimensional crack from which light seeps out, where they travel to another time period to continue their search.

After Mista and Trish suddenly disappear, Giorno is attacked by Bruno Bucciaratiwho was originally supposed to be dead.

Bucciarati is quickly fended off after Jotaro arrives at the scene and the two are then challenged by Narancia Ghirga and Pannacotta Fugo. After their defeat, Fugo disappears, but Jotaro is able to heal Narancia using the life energy of his Saint's Corpse part and brings him to their side. Jotaro and Giorno head to the Napoli Train Station where they find Polnareff; Giorno feels like he knows Polnareff from somewhere but cannot remember.Robert E.

Speedwagon appears years from the past to explain that a specific person has altered the timelines of specific universes.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven: All Characters with All DLC (Complete Roster) & Stages

He explains that the only way to get to the bottom of this is to collect the nine parts of the Holy Corpse and stop the anomalies from occurring. It is eventually revealed that the constant revival of older villains, allies, and many more is all at the hands of a DIO that had been successful in defeating the Joestars and had attained "Heaven" in an alternate timeline.

He lures the Joestars into giving him the Holy Corpse parts and only requires the souls of the Joestars to become successful. Only Jotaro and his daughter remain in the final bout, and it is the same fight where Jotaro realizes that his Stand and The World are still the same Stand. Tier : 9-B. Lifting Strength : Superhuman. Striking Strength : Wall Class. Range : Around 2 meters with Star Platinum. Likely compares to the cunning and resourceful nature of his canon self.

Weaknesses: Any damage taken to Star Platinum is reflected back onto Jotaro ex. If Star Platinum's hand is damaged, Jotaro's hand is also damagedJotaro must wait a few seconds after one maximum-length time stop before being able to use it again Any damage taken by Star Platinum Over Heaven is reflected back onto Jotaro.

Star Platinum will eventually lose his Over Heaven powers. Teleportation, Soul Manipulation, etc. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Jotaro Kujo. Eyes of Heaven. Why has no one already made a thread like this? We ganna ignore ger blitzed diavolo even after rtz activated? He wasnt even able to react to ger's spd even though he can casually react I've played the game, I'm aware of what it is. I didn't decide void feats aren't usable anymore, take it up with admins Void feats don't count for infinite speed.

Time Stop should work. Categories :.Unlike its predecessor, which was a 2. This game also features a tag-team system, which allows you to team up any two characters and have them on the battlefield at once, and also allows you to do Combination Attacks.

The game was announced in the January 15,issue of Famitsu and was presented at Jump Festa The story begins right after the conclusion of Stardust Crusaderswith Jotaro finally defeating Dio once and for all, and prepares to return home.

But soon is ambushed by familiar faces that appear to be under control by a mysterious influence and what follows is a journey through realities to stop whatever is causing these bizarre phenomena. Returning characters from All Star Battle have their models and animations reused from that game, with reworked textures to match their anime designs. The game allows for online play through the PlayStation Network system.

jojo eyes of heaven dlc

Four days later, on December 21, the game was confirmed for a Summer international release, albeit with no mention of the PS3 version, only the PS4 one. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

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Old Joseph: "I've been through all kinds of bizarre adventures, but this is really a cut above the rest. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?