Interstate 84 I in the U. The highway is one of the busiest in Idaho and is designated as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway. The highway has an auxiliary route, Iwhich serves downtown Boise. It has a single auxiliary route, I in Boise, and several business routes.

Average daily traffic volumes on I in ranged from a minimum of 9, vehicles near Sweetzer Summit andvehicles at I in western Boise. The four-lane freeway travels southeast along the Snake River and passes an eastbound-only rest area and visitors centerwhich mirrors a westbound facility on the Oregon side of the river. I continues southeast across farmland in the Snake River Plain and straddles the edge of a hill. The paired highways continue south along the side of a hill and cross into Canyon County northeast of Notus.

The freeway enters the Treasure Valleywhich also constitutes much of the Boise metropolitan areanear the outskirts of Caldwell and intersects State Highway 44 SHwhich continues east to Middleton and Eagle. The freeway travels through an industrial area on the northwestern side of Nampa, parallel to a set of railroad tracks, but turns east to bypass the city center. I expands from four lanes to eight lanes as it leaves Nampa and enters Ada Countypassing through suburban neighborhoods in Meridian.

I turns southeast and travels around the city's outer residential neighborhoods, passing the main terminal at Boise Airport and a nearby industrial area. The freeway travels around the north side of Hammettwhich is served by a business route that connects to SHand reaches the Snake River. The freeway crosses over the river twice east of Glenns Ferry to avoid a bend in the river, which is followed by the railroad.

The freeway travels around the south side of Wendell and turns east to follow an active railroad through a rural area that marks the boundary of Jerome County. I reaches the county seat, also named Jeromeand turns southeast after intersecting SH to bypass the city.

I then proceeds eastward through the rural Magic Valleystaying on the north side of the Snake River. Between Hazelton and the Minidoka County line, I is concurrent with SH, which continues along the north side of the valley. I passes north of Burleyintersecting SH near Paul. After crossing the rural valley, I begins following Meadow Creek and climbs into Mortenson Canyon, which marks the northeastern extent of the Black Pine Mountains.We need to provide a safe system to allow for the essential delivery of goods, medical equipment and other important services throughout Idaho and the nation.

Whether it is maintaining highways and bridges, or building new infrastructure, the Idaho Transportation Department and our transportation partners are committed to keeping Idaho goods, agricultural products and services moving during these times.

The existing bridge has been patched to last through construction of the new bridges. The replacement bridges will be constructed off of the roadway and then slid into place after it is built.

Ramps will also be upgraded to meet standards for the 80 MPH speed limit. The new bridges will be constructed off to the side of the interstate. Once complete, traffic will be shifted to one side of the interstate, the old bridge demolished, and the new bridge slid into place.

The same method will be repeated for the other bridge. In comparison to traditional bridge construction methods, Slide-In Bridge Construction significantly reduces the amount of time each bridge needs to be closed, providing greater safety, mobility, and economic opportunity for Idaho.

This step of the project is anticipated to start in summer Interstate Blacks Creek Road. For assistance by phone, call I, Blacks Creek Interchange The bridge has reached the end of its lifespan and is in need of replacement The existing bridge has been patched to last through construction of the new bridges. Estimated Completion. Watch the process for a bridge in McCall. Traffic Impacts Interstate 84 Through the winter, two lanes in each direction will remain open on I Traffic will be crossed over into a two-lane, two-way configuration in the late Spring to accommodate demo of old bridge and slide of new bridge Blacks Creek Road The road will be closed underneath the bridge structures intermittently Access to ramps on and off I will remain open, with rare exceptions For current project impacts, visit Idaho Jump to the section that you are looking for by just clicking the link.

Default Project Comment Form Name.

i 84 exits idaho

Please share any comments. Upload any relevant images. Upload any relevant files. Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File Maximum upload size: If you are human, leave this field blank. Signup Form Name. Mailing Address.Click here to participate any time between October 12 to 30, View I Overview Video. Current Projects Filter. The latest Drive Idaho podcast episode is out now! Download Episode.

Idaho Tune in to our August podcast to hear: - I construction update - An interview about Idaho, I to 44; A new north and south connection in the Treasure Valley. I Middleton Road Overpass. Episode 7 from the second season of "Drive Idaho" is here! Tune in to get the details from Vince and Mark about the upcoming construction and impacts for the Middleton Road Overpass. I Deadliest Days. Episode 6 from the second season of "Drive Idaho" is out now!

Tune in for a construction update from Mark Campbell and information on upcoming projects. Vince and Corporal Rodean talk about the deadliest days and answer some common questions about patrol in the work zone.

I Traffic Shift. Listen in as Vince and Mark head out on the road again. Mark gives us a construction update, as we reach a big milestone on the I widening project. Vince welcomes Daniel Kircher, the Traffic Control Administrator with Specialty Construction to discuss the details of the upcoming traffic shift on I and what goes into keeping traffic moving in the construction zone. Megan gets answers to listener questions like the I completion date, COVID and the impacts from last month's earthquake.

Vince and Mark also give us the monthly I construction updates. I Safety in the Work Zone. We're back on the road, as we travel to the construction zone on I to get the latest updates on progress. Tune in as we get detailed info on what is happening next in the corridor, and how safety is a team effort between the crews on site and the motorists on the road. Vince also welcomes back Amy Schroeder, Transportation Program Manager, to explain how that mission comes to life on Idaho roadways.

Amy also gives us an update on construction in the I corridor and tells us what's under the blankets in the median. I overview and Northside girders. Vince and Mark also discuss the upcoming work at Northside Boulevard, as crews prepare to set the largest steel girders in Idaho. I Year in Review. For our final episode ofVince and Mark look back on the first year of the Drive Idaho podcast. Tune in for highlights from special guests, and major milestones throughout the episodes.

Vince and Mark will also discuss what we can expect on our roadways heading into I Winter construction and driving. I Idaho 16 and the connection to I In this month's episode, Vince talks with Mark Campbell about the final steps for Karcher Overpass, answers listener questions, and updates us on other projects throughout the corridor.

I Summer Construction. Construction is well underway on IRoad construction work is in progress. The roadway is reduced to one lane. Speed restrictions are in force. There is a width limit in effect. Speed limit 55 MPH. Wide loads use caution as shoulder widths are limited throughout the project. Shoulder widths are reduced to two 2 feet in some areas.

Expect nightly lane closures on Northside Blvd in October.

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Flaggers may be present to control traffic on Northside. Speed limit 70 MPH. Width limit 14'0". All westbound traffic will be crossed over to eastbound I in a two way traffic pattern. At Exit near Glenns Ferry. The entrance ramp is closed due to road construction work. Follow the detour signs. Web Comment: The west bound on ramp is closed due to the road construction, use alternate route. There is work on the shoulder.

People are working in the median.

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The road is being repaved. Observe the signs. The left lane is closed. Consider using an alternate route.

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Speed limit 65 MPH. Width limit 12'0". Web Comment: All traffic will be switched to the eastbound lanes utilizing construction crossovers. Road maintenance work is in progress.

Look out for mobile maintenance operations. Bridge maintenance work is in progress. Bridge construction work is in progress. A seal coat treatment has been applied. The right lane is closed. Web Comment: Bridge repair. West bound lanes are open with no restrictions. The roadway is reduced to two lanes. Follow the signs. Web Comment: Westbound lanes will be closed. Traffic will be moved via crossovers into the eastbound lanes creating one eastbound and one westbound lane.

DMS signs will be in operation.The highway serves and connects Portland, Boiseand Ogden. Seattle, Washingtonis also indirectly served by I via a connection with I With the connection to I, I connects these cities to points east.

IN was generally built along the corridor of U. The highway was signed with the I designation inwhen a change in guidelines took effect that discouraged highway numbers with directional suffixes.

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In the Portland metropolitan areaI is sometimes referred to as the "Banfield Freeway" or simply "the Banfield", although the official name is the Banfield Expressway.

It also passes through Biggs Junction, Arlingtonand Boardman outside of the Scenic Area before heading southeast to the junction with southern end of I immediately southeast of the Umatilla Chemical Depot near Hermiston. From the junction it continues southeast on to Pendleton. The westbound lanes switchback twice on its descent into Pendleton. Eastbound lanes feature the tightest curves allowed on the Interstate Highway system, even though those curves are on the uphill eastbound direction.

This grade is also well known because of the distance between eastbound and westbound lanes, nearly 2 miles 3. On March 1,the speed limit from Hood River to Ontario was raised to 70 miles per hour From there, it continues on to the major cities of the Treasure Valley or Boise metropolitan area including CaldwellNampaMeridianand Boise where I connects travelers to downtown.

Just east of Jerome, I passes within five miles 8. From Idaho, I enters Utah at a point approximately 7 miles As the freeway gradually ascends through Weber Canyon it also passes through several small farming communities, including Morganwhere the Browning Arms Company headquarters can be seen from the freeway. Also visible in the canyon is Devil's Slidean unusual rock formation just off the freeway. The freeway ends at Echoa near ghost town that before served as a stopover for the railroad, at a junction with Interstate 80to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and USto Jackson, Wyoming.

Also near the junction are Echo Reservoir and Echo Dam. The Portland to Utah corridor was proposed as one of the national "toll superhighways" in a report by the Bureau of Public Roads. Plans for this were officially dropped in after a successful freeway revolt. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials established guidelines recommending that "suffixed" highways, such as IN, be renumbered.

InIdaho officials recommended that IN be renumbered to I The motion was seconded by officials in Utah who initially proposed this as Ibut opposed by Oregon and Washington. The motion passed on July 7,and the states were given until July 1, to implement a coordinated renumbering strategy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Interstate Highway in the U. Main article: Interstate 84 in Oregon. Main article: Interstate 84 in Idaho. Main article: Interstate 84 in Utah.

i 84 exits idaho

October 31, Retrieved July 20, Archived from the original PDF on December 22, Retrieved August 14, Utah Department of Transportation. Retrieved May 18, Retrieved August 13, Idaho Statesman.

i 84 exits idaho

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I-84 Idaho Exits Eastbound

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Driving West on I-84 Through Idaho Towards Portland, Oregon

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I-84 Nampa to Caldwell Corridor

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