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Current Station. Personal Weather Station. Location : Delta JunctionAK. Nearby Weather Stations.

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Radar Satellite. WunderMap Nexrad. High near 70F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph. Increasing clouds with periods of showers late. Low 53F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. High 67F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Top Video Stories. See more Top Video Stories. Actual Time.Please call now to be included on our list. Delta Meat and Sausage, Inc. Our livestock is humanly raised and slaughtered. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service, whether it is professional game processing or products we make for retail sale. We stand behind our work. Our standards are the highest for sanitation and guarantee compliance with all USDA regulations to ensure that every product you enjoy is safe and wholesome.

No herbicides or pesticides used on our Farm! Our beef have never been given growth enhancements or seen an antibiotic injection or vaccinations. We use Diamasious Earth as a free choice natural wormer as well as a natural insecticide for summer flies. They are given a special formulated blended of free choice salt and minerals.

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Our beef and pork can be trusted as the cleanest home grown source of protein for your family, born and raised locally on our farm in Delta Junction, Alaska. Our cattle are raised on summer green grass pastures and fed high quality brome hay once the snow covers the ground. Feed is supplemented with a small portion of locally Alaska Grown ground barley to maintain good carbohydrates in the cold winters. Our home grown beef and pork are healthy choices and are affordable for Alaskans and anyone interested in better health.

We raise our pork 3, miles fresher than meat that is brought in from out of State.

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That freshness equates to a more enhanced flavor when the hogs are finished on Alaskan Grown Barley. Look inside and see our pictures fresh and delicious pork chops, ribs, smoked hams, bacon and sausage. We are located at Mile Alaska Highway with a small retail store to purchase our products. Our showcase displays a variety of our smoked meats and fresh local eggs. You can purchase sides of beef and pork or individual frozen steaks, roasts and burger from the various local grown animals.

We deliver to Fairbanks and arrange ground or air transportation to other locations inside and outside of the State of Alaska. Delta Junction, Alaska Email Facebook Instagram Phone.

We provide only the highest quality products to our customers. Mile As of the censusthe population wasup from in The estimate was down to The city is located a short distance south of the confluence of the Delta River with the Tanana Riverwhich is at Big Delta. Native inhabitants are Tanana Athabaskans. For at least 10, years, Athabascan Indians have inhabited portions of the interior of Alaska. Early inhabitants survived by hunting and fishing. The early history of non-native settlement in the area occurred at the river crossing at Big Delta and is found at the entry, Big Delta, Alaska.

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Inthe town first served as a telegraph station. Ina herd of 23 bison were brought from the National Bison Range in Montana to an area south of Big Delta to provide an additional game species for hunters.

dejta i slaka

Buffalo Center, a small community near the center of present-day Delta Junction, was named because of their presence, especially during the winter months.

The huge animals were troublesome, and sometimes made landings dangerous at nearby Allen Army Airfield. The herd is now kept at several hundred animals by the annual issuance of hunting permits.

Greely and the Little Gerstle River was established; the range is now managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to provide fall habitat for bison to reduce farm depredations and to provide habitat for other wildlife. The place where the highways met became known as Delta Junction. Allen Army Airfield was constructed 5 miles 8. This connection created a motor route between Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska.

The base, and a huge tract of land around it, was used for training soldiers for cold weather combat during the Cold War with the former Soviet Union.

Inthe Richardson Highway was paved. About this time, portions of the Alaska Highway were also paved. The army base and tourism brought on the highways, caused a boom in the area's economy and the commercial center of the area moved from Big Delta to Delta Junction.

This farming required new techniques to accommodate the short growing season and the cold and dark winters of interior Alaska. Delta Junction was incorporated as a municipality in Oil was discovered in the North Slope of Alaska in Inconstruction began on the pipeline to transport the oil from the North Slope to Valdez. The pipeline construction also aided the economy of the area. Delta Junction experienced a temporary boom, similar to the gold rush, that resulted in a wave of new residents and businesses in the community.

Cost of living during this period was well above the national average due to transportation costs, as well as gouging. Prostitution and bars flourished — as did churches and religious communes. In the late s and early s, the Tanana Valley was designated as a potential agricultural area for Alaska. The state of Alaska then made large tracts of land available to future farmers for purchase. Significant was establishment of the "Barley Project" east of the city.

Plans were made to grow barley, ship it to Valdez via a future rail terminal, and from there ship it overseas to Asia.We listen to your needs for better solid waste management in the community. Delta Backhaul Company helps you from start to finish. Our top priority is to reduce your communities solid waste footprint and design a program that is economical and sustainable for the long haul.

We achieve results by assisting communities with:.

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DBC is dedicated to improving solid waste programs and implementing solutions for remote Villages throughout Alaska. Landfill improvement projects and HHW backhaul collection events will remain the primary focus of the organization as DBC strives to bring new innovations in solid waste management to the Kuskokwim. DBCs goal is to develop a regional backhaul program and to promote innovative solid waste solutions for the Kuskokwim.

Future DBC environmental programs include:. DBC has developed a list of well-known hazardous material commonly found in homes, and staged in other area in remote villages. The backhaul program along with the help of an on-site backhaul coordinator and village volunteers will; collect, consolidate, package, containerize and ship material out of the communities for recycling, or disposal.

Contact us for more information, or assistance with solid waste management, landfill improvement projects, or our winter backhaul program. We love "talking trash" and are focused on finding practical solutions to improved solid waste management and reducing the landfills impact on human health and subsistence resources. Call Doug - Sign up to hear from us. Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder.

Site Assessments. Technical Assistance. Future Project Planning. Help Desk Contact us for more information, or assistance with solid waste management, landfill improvement projects, or our winter backhaul program.

Call to Schedule an Assessment Today. Solid Waste Improvement Projects, YEar One Stats.

Delta Junction, Alaska

Volunteers Communities Served Volunteers. Subscribe to our Newsletter Sign up to hear from us. Email Address.Some features of this site are not compatible with your browser. Install Opera Mini to better experience this site. September 22, JPEG. September 22, TIFF. Looking a little like branching and overlapping blood vessels, the rivers and streams flow through circuitous channels toward the sea, passing and feeding a multitude of coastal ponds and lakes.

The Yukon Delta is an important habitat for waterfowl and migratory birds, and most of the protected refuge is less than feet 30 meters above sea level. Over such low-lying, mostly treeless terrain, the rivers can change course frequently and carve new channels to find the fastest route toward the sea. The pale color of the sea water around the delta testifies to the heavy sediment load carried by the rivers. Water abounds in this region today, but it was once far drier.

Starting nearly two million years ago, a series of ice ages spawned massive Northern Hemisphere glaciers. As the glaciers grew, sea levels fell. About 20, years ago, sea level dropped enough to expose Beringia—a wide expanse of grassland between Eurasia and North America.

Caption by Michon Scott. Acquired September 22,this natural-color image shows rivers meandering through the Yukon Delta in southwestern Alaska. Image of the Day Land. Image of the Day Land Life.

Image of the Day Land Water. Resembling a winter-bare tree, the Yukon River branches across the frozen Alaska coastline in this photo-like image from January 11, Image of the Day Land Snow and Ice. Image of the Day Land Life Water.

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Yukon Delta, Alaska. At the time of publication, it represented the best available science. View more Images of the Day:. Subscribe to our newsletters.The City of Delta Junction is Alaska at its finest, located in the fertile Tanana River Valley and surrounded by 3 spectacular mountain ranges — the White Mountains to the north, the Granite Mountains to the southeast, and the Alaska Range to the southwest.

dejta i slaka

To the west, the Delta River provides scenic adventure for site-seers and unrivaled opportunity for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Many of our local businesses support visitor and outdoor sports activities.

If your goal is to enjoy Alaska at its finest, contact our local businesses for assistance in designing the Alaska vacation of your dreams! Despite a reputation for rugged travel, the Alaska Highway is now a well-maintained highway system that offers one of the most spectacular road trips of the continent.

Whether your travels end with a comfortable visit to friendly Delta Junction, or continue into the Alaska territory by plane, Delta Junction is the ultimate destination for your next trip to Alaska! Telephone: Check Facebook for updates. Click for More Information and Hours.

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Listen Now! The Alaska Highway — the Ultimate Road Trip Despite a reputation for rugged travel, the Alaska Highway is now a well-maintained highway system that offers one of the most spectacular road trips of the continent.Section Navigation Section Navigation. Bison colonized North America after migrating from Asia to Alaska over the Bering land bridge several hundred thousand years ago. They were one of the most abundant large mammals in Alaska for most of the lastyears.

Large-horned forms such as steppe bison Bison priscus once roamed Alaska in the company of now extinct mammoths, mastodons, horses, lions, sabre-toothed tigers and dire wolves, as well as moose, caribou, Dall sheep and muskox.

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Large-horned bison evolved into modern small-horned bison Bison bison between 5, and 10, years ago. Wood bison Bison bison athabascae were the last native bison to occur in Alaska. They became extinct in Alaska during the last few hundred years, most likely because of hunting and changes in the distribution of habitat. By the herd of plains bison had increased to animals. Beginning inhunting was allowed and is currently used to limit the herd to a precalving population of — bison.

The herd is maintained at this level to reduce the potential for damage to agricultural crops and to keep the herd within the carrying capacity of its summer range. Delta bison have been used to start three other herds in Alaska. The Delta herd's summer range is along the Delta River, in the eastern interior of the state, southwest of Delta Junction.

In the fall, bison migrate from the Delta River toward Delta Junction. Prior to agricultural development, the winter range included country east of Delta Junction between the Granite Mountains and Tanana Hills.

Yukon Delta, Alaska

With development of agriculture, bison began using farms extensively during the fall and winter. Delta bison began to use hay and cereal grains for part of their fall and winter feed when farms were developed in the herd's traditional winter range. Most crop damage occurred when bison fed in farm fields prior to fall harvest. Problems began in the s, continued through the s, and escalated with development of the Delta Agricultural Project in The purpose of the bison range was to perpetuate free-ranging bison by providing adequate winter range and to alter seasonal movements of bison to reduce damage to agriculture.

However, no money was appropriated for bison range development, and only small scale habitat development was initially possible. As the Delta Agricultural Project was developed in the early s, conflicts between bison and agriculture increased.

Because both bison and agriculture are important to Delta Junction, the community became concerned with the growing problem. The community urgently requested a special appropriation from the Alaska Legislature to fund bison range habitat development. Funds from the fee increase were for management of the bison range. Large scale forage development began on the bison range in Approximately acres of land were cleared and planted with the perennial grasses, nugget bluegrass and arctared fescue.

With these funds, the Department of Fish and Game provides six months salary for the Bison Range Manager, fertilizes acres of forage annually, manages forage with techniques such as controlled burns, and conducts small scale equipment maintenance. The biggest challenge for the bison range at this time is controlling the invasion of the native grass, bluejoint reedgrass Calamagrostis canadensis.

Bluejoint is a major threat to successful bison forage management. During the fall migration, bison now leave the Delta River and migrate directly to the bison range instead of migrating to the Delta Agricultural Project as in the early s.

Bison damage to farms was significantly reduced in with the first substantial habitat development on the bison range. Continued development in and resulted in no fall crop damage those years. The bison range is managed for a wide variety of public uses.