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The latter are often referred to as "college ops". OCS is a rigorous week course designed to train, assess, evaluate, and develop second lieutenants for sixteen of the U. Army's seventeen basic branches. Army's changing personnel requirements due to its short length, compared to other commissioning programs and their requirements.

Completing OCS is one of several ways of becoming a U. Army commissioned officer. The other methods are:. The U. As of July the battalion has five training companies and a Headquarters Company in operation, designated HHC, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo, each of which can conduct one class at a time, with a maximum of candidates being trained in each class.

HHC serves as the "holding" company for brand new candidates going thru their in-processing or for injured candidates who are recuperating from their injuries. Those who recuperate from injury are often "recycled" into the next class. Every three weeks a class graduates and another one is started. Historically, OCS has provided the means by which the U. Army could generate large numbers of junior officers during periods of increasing personnel requirements, typically during wars.

Candidates being commissioned in the combat support branches were sent to Fort Belvoir, Virginia and would be trained as Combat Engineer Officers.

Upon graduation, they would be commissioned in their assigned branch and sent to an officers basic course. At that time, OCS consisted of twenty-two weeks of classroom and field training. The Vietnam war brought a significant expansion of the program. InOCS was made branch immaterial and was consolidated into two courses taught at Ft. Benning, and another at Fort McClellanAlabama for female Officer Candidates ; the course length was reduced to weeks.

Inthe OCS at Ft. The term "day wonders", both as a pejorative and term of affection, has been intermittently applied to junior officers commissioned through OCS since World War II.

Officer Candidate School was first proposed in Juneas the Army began expanding in anticipation of hostilities when a plan for an officer-training program was submitted to the Chief of Infantry by Brigadier General Asa L.

SingletonCommandant of the Infantry School. No action was taken until Julyhowever, when Brig. Omar BradleyCommandant of the Infantry School.

In addition to the aforementioned programs, there were Officer Candidate Schools stood up for other branches, in particular the Signal Corps at Fort MonmouthNew Jersey.

Due to the rapid creation of these programs because of wartime necessity, and then the rapid closures or restructuring soon after the end of the war, historical records were not always created or adequately maintained and little is known about some of these branch specific commissioning courses.

army ocs packet 2019

The Signal Corps however has a full list of records going back to its very first class, which graduated Officers on 30 September The records are maintained by the U. The Signal Corps website includes a list of every U.

On 27 Septemberthe first Infantry OCS class graduated second lieutenants; men started the week course in July. During the war, the Army's policy of racial segregation continued among enlisted members; Army training policy, however, provided that blacks and whites would train together in officer candidate schools beginning in During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities.

We will get through this together. Updated: April 28, References. Graduates have the opportunity to gain management experience in 1 of 16 career paths. In addition, their salary and benefits can compare to those in the private sector.

The process, for those not already in the military, starts by contacting your local recruiter and putting together an officer packet. However, there are a number of hurdles to jump before you are admitted into OCS. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

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To create this article, 12 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 24 references. This article has also been viewed 54, times. Learn more Explore this Article Applying from Outside the Military.Medical Recruiting Brigade. Skip to main content Press Enter. Recruiting couple defines teamwork. So what connects these two? April 13, - Taking cues from recruiters, U. Army Recruiting Command leaders have worked to adapt to the current situation by fast-tracking multiple new initiatives that align with the realities of recruiting in this unprecedented, percent virtual environment.

Combat medic covers down on medical advice for Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion. Staff Sgt. Army Esports Team expands virtual outreach.

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April 10, - While the U. Army Esports Team already spends much of its time in the digital space it has increased its online presence in support of current operations. As people work through this period of social distancing, the team is stepping up their game to provide more content and engagement on its digital platforms. Central Jersey recruiters make masks with 3D Printers for essential personnel. April 9, - While social distancing is the new norm for much of America, U. Army recruiters in New Jersey have found a way to continue supporting their community from afar, using personal 3D printers to make surgical masks for local first responders.

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Marketing and Engagement Brigade.That is right, if you are going to be an officer, you will attend Basic Combat Training BCT alongside enlisted recruits. Under the Army's Enlistment Program 9D, applicants enlist with a guarantee of attending OCS, after completion of enlisted basic training. The program is spelled out in the Army Recruiting RegulationArmy Regulationparagraph This program is available to qualified non-prior service NPS and prior service PS applicants enlisting for the minimum term of enlistment authorized by the Army enlistment computer system, known as REQUEST usually it's a three or four year minimum enlistment obligation, depending on the current recruiting "needs of the Army".

Applicants must have received a baccalaureate or higher degree. USAR Officers commissioned prior to degree completion must complete their baccalaureate degree prior to their consideration for promotion to Captain O This test measures elements of tactical fitness such as muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, explosive power, and speed.

PS applicants go directly to OCS, skipping basic. All candidates must meet these standards and must have proof of higher degree from accredited college or university. If candidates are in their senior year of college, they may enlist into the delayed entry program if a transcript letter from the college is provided indicating projected graduation date. Officer candidate MUST be a United States citizen, with no criminal record, and not have more that ten years of active military service at the time of commission.

Officer candidates must also be at least 19 years of age and not have passed their 29th birthday, however age waivers are accepted on a case by case basis. This program is not for former officers of other branches of service, however former Warrant Officers are eligible to apply for this commissioning program.

This has the effect of reserving the slot.

army ocs packet 2019

OCS selection boards will be conducted by the Recruiting Battalion. Branches in which officers are trained vary according to the needs of the Army. These needs are greater in Combat Arms than in other support branches. Applicants complete an OCS preference statement, listing Army officer branches they would like to be assigned to.

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However, applicants must fully understand that the OCS preference statement does not make or imply a guarantee of commissioning branch, or that they will graduate from OCS. This list is subject to change without notice. Training for OCS is designed to place the Soldier in and under physical, mental, and emotional pressure to simulate the stress and fatigue of combat.

From the date of entry into the Army, the Soldier will undergo extensive and intense training until graduating from OCS. Candidates who are administratively eliminated or medically disqualified from OCS are either discharged from the Army, or retained for the remainder of their enlistment obligation in enlisted status.

This decision is not up to the individual, but rather the Army, and depends -- in large part -- on the "needs of the Army" and reason for failing to complete OCS. By Full Bio.

army ocs packet 2019

Rod Powers was the U. Read The Balance's editorial policies.Military Academy. Basically, there are three categories of officer candidates: College graduates civilianscurrent military enlisted and direct commission doctors, lawyers, chaplains, etc.

Only about 60 percent of all those who apply are accepted for attendance at OCS. Civilian college graduate and current military candidates do not compete with each other for available OCS slots. To be eligible to enroll in OCS as a civilian college graduate you'll need to be able to meet the normal requirements of enlistment. OCS applicants need a four-year degree from an accredited college or university and must be U.

You also should be able to qualify for a secret security clearance from the Department of Defense although may not need to actually obtain the clearance until after graduation. The application process begins by talking to an Army Recruiter. Once you pass the above criteria, and it has been reviewed for correctness by the Recruiting Battalion, you will be scheduled to appear before the Recruiting Battalion OCS Board.

army ocs packet 2019

The board is composed of at least three commissioned officers. The board will question you on personal history, training, and experience. Each board member will make an independent appraisal of your overall qualification for a commission. If the board recommends rejection, you will be so informed.

The processing ends at that point. Once the review board approves the application, you will be enlisted in the Delayed Enlistment Program DEP and given a basic training class date. These soldiers must have the same ASVAB score and citizenship status as civilian college graduate candidates. You should be on track to complete your bachelor's degree within a year of enrolling in OCS.

Military OCS application process and my experience, advice, & motivation

And you should have no convictions by civil or military courts. Active Army warrant officers or enlisted members who have completed AIT and reported to their first permanent duty station may apply. Former commissioned officers may apply if their only commissioned service was performed in one of the Armed Force's early commissioning programs for students in the health professions.

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Commissioned warrant officers, warrant officers and enlisted personnel of the USAR not on active duty may apply.Left hand Navigation.

Provide the Army a scalable commissioning source to achieve the annual commissioning mission by producing officers to meet the challenges of future operational requirements. Congratulations on your selection for Officer Candidate training. It is highly admirable that you chose to pursue a commission and serve your country as a member of its officer corps. A competent cadre will train you on the fundamentals of leadership and basic military skills, instill Army values and officership, evaluate your leadership potential.

We will commission only those who meet the challenge and succeed.

Fort Benning

You will be challenged physically, mentally, academically, and emotionally. Make sure you are physically prepared. Come here in shape, not to get in shape! Ensure your personal affairs are in order.

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Once enrolled, there is little time to tend to personal affairs. Our Family Readiness Group assists the chain of command in keeping families informed on the progress of their candidates in training. It is imperative that we have accurate contact information to keep your families updated. Our primary forum for information is electronic mail but we will send hard copy for those families with no access to the web.

Great opportunity: Army extends deadline for Officer Candidate School applicants

If your families are not getting the information they need, please have them contact your company commander or me. Please review the information on this site. It is provided to aid your preparation for OCS. I look forward to training you to become an officer. Javascript is required for this site work properly.

MCoE Home. We are aware these materials may be available from commercial retailers, but information sold or given anywhere except Fort Benning may be incorrect or outdated.

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Future Candidates should refrain from purchasing these materials before arrival. Thank you again.The U. The week program prepares potential commissioned officers of the Army to assume the responsibilities of an officer upon graduation. Attendance of an OCS is limited to civilians and enlisted service members who have a four-year college degree. Army OCS is a week course that develops future Army officers for a management path in one of sixteen career fields ranging from communication to finance and logistics.

Before attending OCS, candidates must first attend Basic Training, a nine-week training regimen that prepares civilians to become Soldiers. Overall, instruction includes leadership development, military skills, physical training, and adventure training — both in the classroom and in the field — with the goal of focusing on education and training as it pertains to unit leadership and tactics. The week program is divided into two distinct phases. Phase One teaches candidates the basics of being a commissioned officer.

Training includes developing leadership and accountability skills, and candidates will face physical and mental challenges while being frequently evaluated. To apply, contact your nearest Army recruiter. Active duty, enlisted Soldiers applying to attend Army OCS must have a four-year college degree, must not have more than six years of Active Federal Service, and be between years old and eligible for a secret security clearance.

Enlisted personnel interested in attending Army OCS must first check with their chain-of-command. Kristen Baker-Geczy is a communications specialist, active duty military spouse, and former MWR marketing coordinator.

She was also deployed to Southwest Asia as an Air Force contractor.