This manual contains the exact work procedure to repair transmission 4 HP This repair manual provides instructions, installation instructions, maintenance manuals and other service information for transmission ZF 4HP This manual contains detailed drawings and diagrams that help you to get a detailed description of all systems of transmission ZF.

This manual comes in PDF. To view the information you must have the program Adobe Reader.

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Index: 1. General Notes 1. Picture of Transmission 1. Power Flow Schedule 1. Adjustment Data 1. Tightening Torques 1.

Fault Finding Table 1. Checking of Transmission 1. Special Tools. Disassembling 2. Disassembling After Sequence 2. Clutch B 2. Clutch A 2. Bellhousing With Intermediate Plate and Pump 2. Transmission Extention and Centrifugal Governor 2.

Transmission Case With Shift Selection. Assembly 3. Transmission Case With Selector and Park 3. Brake F 3.Shop now. Join now. Learn more. Cobra Transmission specializes in providing high quality automatic and manual transmission parts, transfer case parts and hard parts for domestic and foreign front wheel, rear wheel, 4x4, and all-wheel drive vehicles. We are committed to you and all your transmission needs. We offer transmission rebuild kits, fitlers, brake bands, bearings, bushings, washers, sprockets, chains, gears, shafts, forks, shift kits, technical manuals, torque converters, solenoids, drums, valve bodies, shafts, sun shells and more.

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Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. ZF 4HP22 step by step. Thread starter WarrenL Start date May 25, WarrenL Active Member May 25, There are already a number of threads on the forum discussing the ZF 4HP However I've decided to start a new one which sticks to recording the process of preparing and installing a 4HP22 in a Rover P6B, for the future easy reference of all.

I would like to keep this thread on course, but of course comments are very welcome. Obviously every conversion project is going to be a little different, but I hope that the steps I personally go through serve as a useful guide for anybody else who goes down this path. I must warn everybody that I am a complete novice feeling my way through this job, and I am writing this thread both from a novice's perspective, and for novices.

Firstly, a short recap. The strategy is to use the bellhousing, torque converter and flex plate from the Disco box, and the tailpiece from the BMW, together with an appropriate selection of other bits to create a suitable gearbox for the P6B.

The first step today was to remove the bellhousing from each gearbox. Pictured is the Land Rover one, complete with optional extra leaves. To remove the bellhousing, all the bolts you can see in the photo must be removed. Chris says to leave the pump newbies: it's the bit between the bellhousing and gearbox proper in place as you remove the bellhousing. I presume this is to stop the A clutch pack and associated gubbins from falling out, however once you've removed the bolts the pump readily pulls free with the bellhousing, despite your best efforts.

ZF 4HP22 Transmission Repair Manual PDF

This didn't appear to be a problem to me; just proceed slowly and carefully. May 25, Could do with and Arlo Gurthrie style of photos; color glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was or in this case is ie screw locations and dismantling order. PS great job Warren Graeme. Good photos Warren. Is that material that is covering the inside of the pan metal or friction material or both?

Doesn't bode well I would think.

ZF 4HP22 step by step.

I don't think I've ever been awarded a sticky before, anywhere on the Web! It's all friction material as far as I can tell, Ron. Running a magnet through it didn't pick anything up, although I'm not entirely sure whether that was a relevant test.

Graeme, I was hoping that my eloquent descriptions precluded the need for arrows and circles, however I will be sure in future to crank up MSPaint and add them should I feel they could provide clarity for the easily baffled. Geordie Jim Member May 25, Nice pictures Warren.Log In or Register.

4hp22 gearbox

Advanced Search. Please note the current lead time for the supply of a gearbox is around working days. Whilst we aim to hold stock of units, due to high demand, this is not possible at the present time. Once your order is placed you will be notified of your build date; your unit will then be dispatched that day or the following working day.

All our boxes are fully rebuilt including the valve body and come complete with a rebuilt torque converter. To see an explanation of our core deposit please click here.

4hp22 gearbox

Videos to show what the ZF 4HP22 comes with. Heavy Duty ZF Autoboxes. We are able to supply the ZF4HP22 with optional strength upgrades depending what you are doing with the vehicle, what gearing, what engine Etc.

Stage 1 Upgrade. Just the centre internals are changed so the box stays the same externally. Stage 2 Upgrade. The box can be built with both the 4HP24 internals as above but also the 24 front end as well giving you the added strength of having the larger 24 "A" clutch, also a weak point with larger engines.

There are 2 fitting implications of doing this, the unit is 15mm longer and the oil cooler nipples are M18 x 1. Note the Stage 2 upgrade can be specified to accept the medium and the large type converter. We are often unable to offer the medium converter option due to availability problems but if you are considering the stage 2 upgrade then you are likely to want the large converter anyway for the reasons below.

Torque Converter Upgrades. The ZF auto as used in the LandRover vehicles uses three different diameters of torque converter. Medium and Large. Note the large converter can only be used with the stage 2 as it will only fit the 4HP24 front end.

A larger converter is desirable on a tuned engine for a few reasons : 1 Lower stall speed, there's little point in having a nice torquey engine if the converter is not transferring the drive and you are revving straight past it.

A larger converter will reduce these revs and allow you to take up drive earlier which results in much more relaxed driving. This is by far the biggest advantage of upgrading the converter. Note these reduced revs are not to be confused with lower gear shift points, these stay the same as they are determined by the autobox ECU programming.

This clutch can slip as you accelerate when it should be staying locked. In a TD5 the stock converter is the small one. If you have a stock engine, stick with the stock converter.

If the engine has a mild tune then we would recommend upgrading to the medium diameter one, we have sold quite a lot and get very good feedback.Problem: 'A' clutch burnout: transmission will not move the car forward or there is a long delay once the car is put into gear. Replacement: Teflon Seal replacement The cause of the problem: the steel seals leak and send pressure to the 1st gear clutch pack and burn it up.

These are the bolts to take out to remove the bell housing and pump as a unit, unless you need to replace the converter bushing you do not need to take the pump apart or off of the bell housing I will describe the procedure for that and why at the end of the post.

There's a spring clip that holds the basket together that you remove with a screwdriver: Inspect the basket for cracks, I've found a few blown up from people who didn't take no for an answer.

Revisie ZF4HP22 deel 01

Also inspect the groove the spring clip was in: those ears can snap off: Here's the pack of disks and plates - there's a black wavy disk on the top and bottom of the pack that you re-use: This pressure plate is under all of the clutches, you can see some of the burnt clutch on it, clean that off and clean under it: Here's a new disc and steel - soak the discs in fresh ATF for a few minutes before installing: With the teflon seals there should be a drill bit and a sandpaper flap drill thingie - I've never drilled the hole in the trannys I've done, it's up to you.

It is done to relieve any future leak pressure, I've been doing these for over 5 years and have yet to have one of my repairs fail. The sandpaper drill thingie is used to knock down any burrs left from the steel seals here: New teflon seals. So nice. Shows the old seals and where to install the new teflon seals. After cleaning the bore by honing it, stick the input shaft back in the A-clutch basket if you removed it and lube the seals and bore with ATF.

It will seat with a thunk and spin freely. The object is to slip the fingers on the back of the A-clutch into the slots of the 2nd gear clutches in the tranny case. Twisting the input shaft helps - you have to 'feel' your way in. There will be no gap between the pump and tranny case when seated. Tighten the 17mm bolts in a cross pattern, and you are done. Take your time: look carefully at how everything came apart, and if in doubt dump ATF all over it if it's inside of the tranny!

The Bentley manual has an exploded view of the tranny if I remember right. When installing the torque converter, make sure it's all the way in: If the tranny and motor won't go together find out why, don't pull it together with the bolts as you can destroy the pump and converter.

I get most of my parts from these guys, but there's almost always a tranny parts place or two in town. Converter Oil Seal If the converter seal you just replaced is leaking again, the bushing behind the seal has walked forward and is blocking the drain: Time for a new bushing!

It's hiding here: Take the bell housing pump assembly off as seen in the a-clutch repair and take the rest of the bolts out of it and separate the pump from the bell housing and take the bolts out of the back of the pump - you can then strip the pump all the way down and press the new bushing in.Complete 4hp22 automatic gearbox from a tdi land rover discovery 1.

Includes transmission, torque converter, adaptor plates to engine. Transmission is in excellent condition, shifts faultlessly.

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Does not include the flex plate as these should be replaced when fitting a replacement transmission. Removed from a low km E Removed from td5 in good working order ZF4HP22 comes with flex plate, flywheel ,transfer box,torque converter.

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Pump for Zf 4hp22 Automatic transmission. VG condition No significanr scores or cracks. Bush still in great shape. Sign In Register. My Gumtree Post an ad. Suggested Searches: land rover land rover gearbox stall converter land rover discovery zf gearbox defender e30 zf discovery bmw zf land rover discovery 4 m30b35 m30 bmw e 34 bmw e Filters List. Search alert Get notified when new items are posted. Search alert. Location New South Wales 3 Victoria 3. Price Minimum Price. Maximum Price.

Price Type Fixed Price 6. Condition Used 3. Offer Type Offering 6. Most recent. Bellingen Area Bellingen. Hepburn Area Daylesford. Banyule Area Heidelberg. Mansfield Area Mansfield.

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The Hills District Castle Hill. Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. All Rights Reserved.Rear-engine design rear-wheel drive configuration. The 4HP22 transmission can be rendered undriveable when held on P or N setting and too high engine rotation speed is applied for too long, for instance during emissions testing.

Examples of situations that could lead to transmission failure include warming up the catalytic converter on petrol engine -powered vehicle with too high RPM, or while measuring amount of smoke on diesel engine -powered vehicle and keeping the throttle full for too long time. Another issue is the governor valve sticking, which can be caused by contamination. The fine debris finds its way past the filter and tends to accumulate in the governor, causing it to stick.

A temporary solution is to remove and clean the governor. The problem will often recur as debris from damaged parts continues to build up in the governor. If the problem continues after cleaning the governor then it may be necessary to replace the autobox if it cannot be fully reconditioned.

4hp22 gearbox

Usual symptoms are failing to shift after 1st gear while the gearbox is still cold, and then failing to kickdown to 1st while at a stop. The governor is located at the end of the gearbox and usually it starts to work again after a cleanup.

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4hp22 gearbox

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